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By practicing equine sport massage therapy, we strive to provide a better outcome for horses, allowing your equine partner to realize its full potential and increase your connection with your horse. Equine Massage Therapy benefits both the horses and the riders.

I am a skilled equine sport massage therapist performing a full body assessment and massage treatment aiming at loosening and treating the musculoskeletal system of your horse. Having been in the competitive equestrian world since my youth, I am very attuned towards my clients' unique riding style and incorporate this into my therapy. My practice incorporates a combination of effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction, vibration, trigger points, stress points release, and myofascial release techniques - all of which releases tension in the muscles, stimulates blood flow, speeds up healing and recovery, and frees up muscle fiber and fascia tissue.

I also offer dynamic strengthening and stretching exercises to improve core stability, helping your equine partner regain his full range of movement and greatly improving his performance and health.

Your horse does not need to have an existing problem to benefit from massage therapy or stretching routine. Regular massage maintenance can provide your horse with numerous benefits not associated with an existing injury; in fact, it’s a powerful preventive measure.

Contact me to discuss your needs and your horse's evaluation.

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