Therapy & Law : Pillars of Strength

Blue Star Equine centers around the ultimate well-being of your horse and protection of your rights within the equestrian field.

Our passion for horses and our love for this sport makes us unique and devoted to what we do. We are highly trained and qualified in both disciplines. Vanessa Couillard, founder and CEO of BSE, is a certified Equine Massage Therapist (CEMT) and practicing lawyer under the Quebec Bar.

Blue Star Equine is established in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec Canada and near the 1976 Olympic equestrian site (Bromont, Qc) where many international athletes train and compete. We have the privilege to work with amazing riders and within several equestrian disciplines such as competitive show jumping, dressage and eventing. Our approach in equine massage therapy centers around your horse's complex musculoskeletal system and pressure points which are unique to its physiology and shaped by your personal riding style. Improving the physical and mental health of your horse directly benefits your rider-horse chemistry - which is the ultimate reward.

woman caring for horse

Massage therapy for horses? You don't say...

You and your horse don't need to be training for the Kentucky Derby to benefit from Equine Massage Therapy (EMT). From preventative care to helping riders gain a deeper connection with their horses, I am always curious to learn new things and share with others - visit my blog page to learn more!